What to Expect

We will be doing all shots in their birthday suit, wraps and clothing for the session. We will provide everything needed. Make sure your newborn has a VERY FULL belly before you leave to come to the studio. The full belly is to ensure that once you get here we can start right away with posing. If you can keep your newborn up minimum of 2 hours before coming that would help to make them sleepier for the session. This is not always easy to do but will greatly benefit both of us. Undressing him/her, interacting with them, cool cloths to the head or body, crinkle paper noises etc. all help keep them awake. The sleepier he/she is the more shots we can get for you. I am aware your baby sleeps good. This is common for newborns, but unless they have been WORN out before the session, they will not sleep good while we are moving them, changing clothes and posing them. Please follow this one instruction as it is so very important to the success of our time with your baby! Enlist help if you need to. During this time a bath is nice and then at the end of the awake time feed them. Put them in the car seat and head this way. Hopefully baby can fall asleep in the car seat. The drive is perfect for allowing them to fall into a nice deep sleep for us to work!  

WHEN you arrive at the studio: Do not take baby out of the car seat. Please leave him/her there sleeping until we are ready for him. (if at all possible) Babies have the ability to smell mom. If it is at all possible, please provide a bottle of formula or breast milk if you are nursing. This one time will not disrupt the feeding schedule and will help us so much while working with your baby. If we get baby in a pose and he/she gets fussy, often a sip of formula or moms milk is all it takes to settle them back down. This saves time, and makes for a happier baby! All this means: Better images!!!  

Sessions take anywhere from 2-3 hours and sometimes longer if your baby is a light sleeper or hungry. Your newborn will be photographed between 4-16 days new so that we can get those sweet, sleepy, curly poses. If you can, please bring the soothie pacifier. It's the bendable, green one and won't leave any marks. Even if you haven't used one, just for the 2 hours that I'm posing him/her usually really helps, and it's such a short amount of time it won't create a habit if that's a concern.

Mom and Dad are a big part of the show. Photographing the connection between you and your baby, skin to skin, creates some of the most beautiful images. 

Dad if you prefer not to be shirtless, please wear a tight fitting neutral colored t-shirt with a nice pair of snug jeans. I encourage you to avoid wearing a belt and have clean finger nails. 

Mom should wear a loose-fitting tank in a neutral color and keep the design simple. Be sure to have either no nail polish on or have a manicure down right before as your hands will make their way into the images.

Siblings are invited to partake in the session as well to help document this special time in everyone's lives. For sisters, I provide a wrap that will act as the perfect top or please bring a fitted tank in a neutral color.  Please keep sister's hair natural or in braids with no bows, headbands, ect. Just as with mom, no nail polish please. Brothers should wear a snug pair of jeans and be shirtless. Please take a moment to chat with your guy about this so he feels prepared for the session. If he feels uncomfortable, a tight fitting white t-shirt is fine. 

A few other tips  
Avoid caffeine, gassy (broccoli, cabbage, chocolate, and those things) and spicy food if nursing for a day before.  
1. Bring Mylicon drops if your baby has a gassy tummy.  
2. Bring several small bottles for feeding during the session (preferable!)                                
3. Bring a pacifier for us to use for soothing   
4. Make sure baby is in a button up or zip front onesie (Nothing I have to pull over head that might wake baby)  
5. Leave baby in carseat when you get here and come in studio.   
6. Bring an extra diaper   

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