What type of maternity sessions do you offer?

I offer everything from beach sessions to elegant nudes in studio. I love to be creative and will do my best to accommodate any requests or ideas that you may have. My most popular sessions are beach shoots at sunset (in and out of the water) and milk baths. 

What should I do to prepare for my session?

There isn't much to prepping for a maternity session. I do recommend dressing light and comfortable. We will be moving a lot depending on how well you are feeling. If you plan to wear my gowns provided, wearing non fitted clothes with no pantie or bra is preferred. Most gowns are fitted or opened belly so you won't be able to wear undergarments. Bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated and a towel. 

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What about my makeup and hair?
                        Meet Crystal!

                        Meet Crystal!

Hair and makeup is best if done a little bolder than your natural look. Emphasize your eyes, cheek bones and lips. I recommend leaving your hair down or half up. It does get hot and sweaty on the beach. Bring a towel to dab and extra lipstick to freshen up. If you need help, I work hand in hand with Crystal, an amazing hair and makeup artist who will come to you! 

Please do not put lotion on before your session.