What should we wear?

I think family sessions are the hardest to dress for, but they don't have to be. Do not try to match colors. Instead, coordinate colors and prints. Today's trend allows for creativity and matching is no longer our friend. Try to avoid solid red and bright yellow colors. Dress light and airy if your session is on the beach. Keep in mind also that white and khaki colors show water spots more noticeably than most other colors and trust me, we will be getting wet (even if its just your toes). Black, greens, blues, teals and corals are all beautiful colors for the beach. Avoid to many accessories. Less is more! Unless this is a commercial shoot, avoid large print brands. No sneakers...of any kind. I recommend wearing shoes that are easy to get off and on. ***Suggestion*** Allow mom to choose her attire first and then work everyone else's around that. 

I'm afraid my child wont cooperate....

This is every parents worse fear when it comes to photo shoots. Don't stress. I work quickly with kids and love to do jumping pictures to keep them engaged. Some of the best photos are the action shots.

What time should we start?

I only schedule family sessions during the evening or early in the morning. Sunset sessions will start an hour before the sun sets. Morning sessions we will meet 15 minutes before the sun is do to rise. Please make note that these times are strict do to lighting. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your session will be rescheduled with a fee applied.